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Immigration is moving out from one country to another. Canada is a popular place for immigrants due to many reasons like employment opportunities, high standard of living, higher education, etc. The government of Canada has launched several immigration programs to attract people from all over the world to contribute towards the betterment and growth of Canada. If you are willing to immigrate to Canada by applying for a temporary or permanent visa, then ECC Visa is there to guide you through the entire process. You can check your eligibility and apply under any of the immigration programs:

Family Sponsorship: This program intends to bring together the families of those individuals who are staying in Canada and have either the Canadian citizenship or Permanent Residency Visa. By this program, an individual can sponsor his close relatives for immigration to Canada by fulfilling important eligibility conditions and signing a mandatory undertaking with Canadian Government.

Skilled Worker and Professionals: Skilled workers or professionals can immigrate to Canada under Skilled Immigration Program if he has at least one year of continuous work experience in any of the eligible occupations listed under 2011 National Occupation Classification Code. This program allows the applicant to immigrate to Canada with his or her family.

Canadian Experience Class: Temporary foreign workers willing to become permanent residents in Canada and international students who intend to work after obtaining Canadian education and willing to become a permanent resident of Canada can apply under Canadian Experience Class Program.

Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self Employed Persons: An individual who is an investor or an entrepreneur or self-employed and can contribute to the economy of Canada, can apply for becoming a permanent resident under Business Immigration Program. The main aim of this program is to develop foreign markets and boost commercial opportunities for interested applicants.

Students: A student belonging to any part of the world can apply for studying in Canada’s university or college. Canada is famous for its high quality of education. The student can apply for a temporary resident visa for the purpose of education in Canada.

Visitor: Canada is a famous tourist destination. Any visitor or tourist, who is willing to immigrate to Canada for a leisure trip or business association or visiting their families, can apply for a temporary tourist or visitor’s visa.

Permanent Resident: Canada offers many immigration programs to immigrants for becoming permanent residents of Canada.  Any individual who fulfills the required criteria can apply for becoming a permanent resident and enjoy the benefits.

Canadian Citizenships: Canada offers a wide range of opportunities to its citizens. An individual who is a permanent resident in Canada and meets the eligibility requirements can apply for Canadian citizenship.


ECC Visa was founded in 2006 by Dr. Raj Jagpal who migrated from India to Canada in 1998 for pursuing one-year degree program in Computer Programming and Applications from Concordia University. During his stay in the country and from his own experiences, Raj realized that the challenges and issues faced by the international immigrants moving to Canada. Inspired, he started the consultation firm to ensure proper guidance at every stage of immigration, right from filling the application form to locating the best resources (in terms of courses, jobs, workplaces, business opportunities and so on.).

Under the direction of Raj, teams of professional immigration experts work at several ECC Visa branches at various locations across India. The firm is headquartered at downtown Toronto and has acquired limelight as one of the most trusted Canadian immigration consultants in the region.

Since the time of its inception, our consultancy firm is on the mission to use knowledge, experience and tools for simplifying the process of immigration to Canada. We are inspired by the continuously expanding education, work and business opportunities in Canada and want immigrants to extract the maximum benefits out of these prospects.

We have determinedly followed the vision to become an integral and foremost Canadian immigration consultant catering to various needs, concerns and challenges of immigrants willing to make a new life beginning in Canada. We are dedicated to empower their dreams and help them contribute towards development of self and community as a whole.

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