Permanent Resident

Canada is one of the most popular destinations in the world to obtain Permanent Residency Visa. Canada offers very soft immigration policy which attracts people from around the globe to become country’s residents. Another reason why Canada attracts immigrants is the employment opportunities and social security present in the country.

There are different immigration programs under which immigrants can apply for Permanent Residency Visa. Permanent Residency Visa is a documentary proof that a person has become a resident of Canada and is eligible for all the benefits enjoyed by a normal citizen of Canada. Our expert team at ECC Visa will ensure you the best immigration consultancy services.

Categories for Applying for Permanent Residency Visa

The applicants can apply for Permanent Residency Visa under any of the following categories:

  1. Skilled Worker Class Immigration
  2. Provincial Nomination
  3. Business Class Immigration
  4. Family Class Immigration
  5. International Adoption
  6. Quebec-Selected Immigration

Let us understand each category in brief.

  1. Skilled Worker Class Immigration: This is the most popular category of immigration class under which an individual can apply for Permanent Residency Visa. The individual must possess work experience, education qualification, minimum language proficiency, employment, etc. Each of these criteria is evaluated and ranked. The ranking is done based on the scores. The minimum score to quality is 67 out of 100. Also, individual’s criminal background and financial soundness are taken into consideration. 
  2. Provincial Nomination: If an individual wants to settle down in a particular province in Canada, then he can apply for Permanent Residency Visa under the category of provincial nomination. The selection of individuals is done by the province, depending on whom they want to get settled in their respective province. Individuals have to contact the representative immigration office of the province to get nominated.
  3. Business Class Immigration: This program focuses on developing foreign markets and commercial opportunities by welcoming the individuals who are interested in participating and who possess certain requirements. Such individuals can apply for Canada Business Immigration Program under any of the following categories:
    • Investor Program: To qualify under this category, the individual is required to have a net worth of at least CAD $ 1.6 million, a secured passive investment of CAD $ 0.8 million and managerial experience.
    • Self-Employed Persons Program: An individual who is self-employed and is able to support themselves and any other person dependent on their income can apply for Self-employed Persons Program.
    • Entrepreneurs Program: An individual is eligible for entrepreneurs program if he is having a net worth of at least CAD $ 0.3 million. Also, he must be in a state where he can establish or acquire any business in Canada and give employment to people there.
  1. Family Class Immigration: An individual can apply for this immigration class when he is sponsored by his close family member who is a permanent resident in Canada. Such sponsorship is for a limited period i.e. from 3 to 10 years in order to help immigrants settle down in the country.
  2. International Adoption: If a Canadian resident is intending to adopt children from other country then such resident is required to obtain permanent residency for the child. The Canadian resident is required to fulfill all the legal requirements with agencies like the Provincial immigration office, legal officer of child’s country, Hague convention, etc. The adopting family should be able to sponsor their child in the long run and be able to raise the child in the best possible way.
  3. Quebec-Selected Immigration: The individuals intending to settle in Quebec can obtain the Quebec-selected immigration under categories like business people, permanent workers, families, students, refugees, etc. For this purpose, the Quebec province has a special agreement with the Government of Canada in order to provide permanent residency to those individuals who fulfill immigration requirements.

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