Canada has always considered and fulfilled its Human Rights obligation with sincerity. Canada has also signed the Geneva Convention in regard to the status of refugees. According to Geneva Convention, a refugee is a person who is outside his or her home country and is surrounded by the fear of persecution. The persecution can be for the reason of nationality, gender, social or political opinion, etc. We at ECC Visa possess the experience and expertise to handle the matters relating to refugees with ease.

When refugees from other countries settle in Canada, that process is termed as Resettlement. Private sponsorship groups and United Nations High Commission for Refugees refers the individuals and individual’s families to IRCC i.e. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, who resettles the refugees. The refugees are referred, when there is no solution for the problem prevailing in the refugee’s country and only option for their survival is to get them settled in another country as a refugee.

Canadian charter of Rights and Freedom gives the right to life, liberty and security to any person. This makes Canada the most respectable place in the world among the refugees. Canada is among few countries which protect the refugees and assures that they are not sent back to home country to face the dreadful situation there. An individual who is willing to take refugee protection in Canada is always recommended to be represented by a Canadian attorney as it is a complex process.

Eligibility to Get a Refugee Status in Canada

The following persons are not eligible to get a refugee status in Canada:

  • An individual who has come to Canada via “safe third country”.
  • An individual’s claim to be a refugee is void if there are criminal cases against him either in form of organized crime or violation of human rights.
  • If an individual has earlier tried to claim a refugee status in Canada.
  • If an individual is already a refugee in another country and can go back to that country.

Immigration and Refugee Board

Upon receiving the claims from individuals, if any claimant is found to be eligible, then his file is sent to Immigration and Refugee Board. Immigration and Refugee Board determines the genuineness of claimant to be a refugee. The claimant has to attend the hearing of Immigration and Refugee Board which takes place about 12 months after the claimant’s submission to be a refugee. The hearing takes place after the claimant has submitted Personal Information Form to the Board.

The claimant can apply for permanent Canadian residency, if the Immigration and Refugee Board finds the claims of the claimant to be genuine. If the Immigration and Refugee Board refuses to agree to the claims made, the claimant can approach the Federal Court of Canada. If the Court also rejects the application made by the claimant, such individual is deported from Canada.

Count on ECC Visa experts to guide you through the process in a hassle-free manner.

What is ECC Visa

ECC Visa was founded in 2006 by Dr. Raj Jagpal who migrated from India to Canada in 1998 for pursuing one-year degree program in Computer Programming and Applications from Concordia University. During his stay in the country and from his own experiences, Raj realized that the challenges and issues faced by the international immigrants moving to Canada. Inspired, he started the consultation firm to ensure proper guidance at every stage of immigration, right from filling the application form to locating the best resources (in terms of courses, jobs, workplaces, business opportunities and so on.).

Under the direction of Raj, teams of professional immigration experts work at several ECC Visa branches at various locations across India. The firm is headquartered at downtown Toronto and has acquired limelight as one of the most trusted Canadian immigration consultants in the region.

We have determinedly followed the vision to become an integral and foremost Canadian immigration consultant catering to various needs, concerns and challenges of immigrants willing to make a new life beginning in Canada. We are dedicated to empower their dreams and help them contribute towards development of self and community as a whole.

Since the time of its inception, our consultancy firm is on the mission to use knowledge, experience and tools for simplifying the process of immigration to Canada. We are inspired by the continuously expanding education, work and business opportunities in Canada and want immigrants to extract the maximum benefits out of these prospects.

Based on our interactions and experiences with prospective immigrants as well as those settled in Canada, we have extended our services to focus on every possible area. Here, we proudly offer an outline of how we help people:

  • Personalized immigration eligibility assessment and expert advice to make it better
  • Visa and immigration application facilitation which includes determination of the right category, interview preparations, application tracking and more
  • Entertaining the concerns related to finding the best education courses, locating jobs, improving English language capabilities and so on
  • Assistance in resolving issues like application rejection, inadmissibility based on medical grounds and application processing delays
  • Making settlement in Canada a fast and enjoyable process by guiding about all types of regional regulations and obligations

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