Canada is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Each year approximately 35 million visitors visit the country. The visitors include tourists, people visiting their families, people visiting the country for business associations, etc. To visit Canada as a tourist or visitor, ECC Visa provides all the needful assistance.

Passport and Visa Requirements
To arrive in Canada, the visitors are required to have a passport and visa approved by the authorities. Few countries are exempt from the requirement of having a visa, though they are required to obtain an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before travelling by air. However, if you are a United States citizen or a Green Card holder in the United States, you are exempt from obtaining electronic Travel Authorization or Temporary Resident Visa. Temporary Resident Visa is issued by the Canadian visa office, signifying that the visitor has met the required conditions to visit Canada as a temporary resident. Temporary Resident Visa is placed in the passport.

The citizens belonging to countries other than the United States or visa exempt country is required to obtain a temporary resident visa from the Canadian immigration office of the visitor’s home country. We at ECC Visa are there to guide you through the entire immigration process.

Applying for Temporary Visa in Canada? – Conditions to Fulfill

There are certain conditions which are required to be fulfilled by the visitors while applying to Canadian Immigration Visa Office. These conditions are:

  • The visitor must not have any criminal or medical issues.
  • The visitor is required to undergo a medical test. This is compulsory for those applicants who have the intention of staying in Canada for occupation purpose or have visited a country which is prone to diseases.
  • The visitors are required to provide biometric information like DNA samples, finger print, etc.
  • The visitor may submit a letter of invitation to support their application provided by a friend or a family member staying in Canada.
  • The applicant’s financial position is sound enough to support himself and his dependents during his temporary visit to Canada. Hence, proof of funds in form of Bank statement, etc. needs to be submitted to the respective authority.

Issuing Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
After the submission of all the documents and completion of necessary formalities, Temporary Resident Visa is issued by the Canadian Immigration Visa Office. TRV signifies that the visitor has complied with all the necessary requirements. The visa can be for a single visit or multiple visits. Generally, the time period for which visa issued is 6 months, but might vary on case to case basis.

It is not necessary that the holder of Temporary Resident Visa would get easy entry into Canada. The officer at the Canadian Port of Entry may disallow a visitor to enter the country, if in his opinion the visitor’s visit is not temporary in nature.

So if you are planning to visit Canada, contact our visa professionals to guide you through the entire immigration channel in a hassle-free manner.

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