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Canada is a known name in the world for employment generating opportunities. Each year large number of workers migrates to Canada in search of job opportunities. The Canadian government runs several immigration programs to give work permits to such immigrants. The work permit can be either temporary or permanent. Based on the permit issued to the worker, they can be classified as temporary workers and permanent workers.

Temporary Workers: Temporary workers are those individuals who are allotted temporary work permits. They are allowed to work in Canada for a limited span of time, which varies from case to case depending on the type of work. The temporary workers are issued temporary work permits under the following categories:

  • Labour Market Impact Assessment: Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) was earlier known as Labour Market Opinion (LMO). Under this category, temporary foreign workers can be hired by a Canadian employer only after they receive an approval from the government. The government grants the temporary work permits to foreign workers only if it is sure that it won’t have any adverse effect on the Canadian market and the salary given to the worker is as per the laid standards.
  • Open Work Permits: Under this program, a temporary work permit is given to foreign spouses, common law partners of foreign students and temporary foreign workers in Canada.
  • Bridging Open Work Permit: Under this category, a temporary work permit is given to the workers who are already working in Canada and their application for permanent residence is in process. 
  • International Experience Canada: Under this program, a temporary work permit is issued to young professionals. The age of the youth may vary from 18 to 35 years. The work permit is generally for a period of 1 to 2 years. This program’s aim is to increase the youth mobility in Canada.

Permanent Workers: The Permanent worker can also be termed as a permanent resident of Canada, who has achieved such status by immigration to Canada. One important point to note here is that a permanent resident is not a Canadian citizen. Permanent resident status is given to citizens of other countries.

The temporary workers who are already working in Canada can apply for permanent residence to become permanent workers. An individual should have lived in Canada for a minimum of 3 to 5 years, to be eligible to become a permanent resident.

Few programs under which a temporary worker can apply to become a permanent worker are as follows:

  • Express Entry System: Under this system, the candidates having the best qualification and skills are ranked together and based on such ranking, permanent residency is allotted to the workers. 
  • Canadian Experience Class Program: This program is governed by Express Entry System. The temporary worker has to meet the minimum requirements to be eligible to become a permanent resident under this program. This program issues permanent residency to workers in skilled employment category. 
  • Quebec Experience Class Program: If a temporary worker is willing to settle down in the province of Quebec, then he can apply for permanent resident status under this program. 
  • Professional and Skilled Workers Program: Under this program, the applicant having work skills or any professional qualification can apply for permanent resident status for him and his family.

How Can We Help You

We at ECC Visa hold good experience and expertise in the entire immigration process. So if you are planning to work in Canada, we can ease out the entire process of obtaining a work permit, permanent resident status in Canada, etc.

What is ECC Visa

ECC Visa was founded in 2006 by Dr. Raj Jagpal who migrated from India to Canada in 1998 for pursuing one-year degree program in Computer Programming and Applications from Concordia University. During his stay in the country and from his own experiences, Raj realized that the challenges and issues faced by the international immigrants moving to Canada. Inspired, he started the consultation firm to ensure proper guidance at every stage of immigration, right from filling the application form to locating the best resources (in terms of courses, jobs, workplaces, business opportunities and so on.).

Under the direction of Raj, teams of professional immigration experts work at several ECC Visa branches at various locations across India. The firm is headquartered at downtown Toronto and has acquired limelight as one of the most trusted Canadian immigration consultants in the region.

We have determinedly followed the vision to become an integral and foremost Canadian immigration consultant catering to various needs, concerns and challenges of immigrants willing to make a new life beginning in Canada. We are dedicated to empower their dreams and help them contribute towards development of self and community as a whole.

Since the time of its inception, our consultancy firm is on the mission to use knowledge, experience and tools for simplifying the process of immigration to Canada. We are inspired by the continuously expanding education, work and business opportunities in Canada and want immigrants to extract the maximum benefits out of these prospects.

Based on our interactions and experiences with prospective immigrants as well as those settled in Canada, we have extended our services to focus on every possible area. Here, we proudly offer an outline of how we help people:

  • Personalized immigration eligibility assessment and expert advice to make it better
  • Visa and immigration application facilitation which includes determination of the right category, interview preparations, application tracking and more
  • Entertaining the concerns related to finding the best education courses, locating jobs, improving English language capabilities and so on
  • Assistance in resolving issues like application rejection, inadmissibility based on medical grounds and application processing delays
  • Making settlement in Canada a fast and enjoyable process by guiding about all types of regional regulations and obligations

Probably, you now recognize us as a Canadian immigration expert. It would be our pleasure, if you take the next step and contact us to know more about us and how we can get started right now. Get connected to the nearest ECC Visa branch.

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